Ever Heard Of a “VEA”?

“A Virtual Executive Administrator (VEA) provides professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients remotely. You can hire a VEA for a as little as 20 hours a month.  The cost-savings is astronomical for a small business."- Jodi Fisher, Founder and CEO of impact Virtual Services.

How can a VEA help small businesses and Associations?  Through our proven ability to manage processes, procedures, and operations. All of our VEAs hold at minimum a Bachelor's degree, and average 10 years of experience. What that means for YOU is:

  • More time & money — We take away all the things you can no longer handle, and free your time and energy for the things only you can do in your business, and pursue opportunities that will earn you more money.
  • You gain a partner – We act as a big picture manager, and/or the detailed technician of your business. We are expert problem solvers, idea generators, proactive and receptive.
  • You’re not isolated — You can brainstorm or problem solve with someone intimately acquainted with your business.
  • VEAs are invested — VA’s are business owners, so when your business grows, their business grows too. That creates a mutually beneficial relationship, not just a transactional relationship. That means they are invested in you and your success.
  • VEAs are connected — It’s not important that your VA knows how to do it all. What’s important is that she knows how to get it ALL done, including:
    • Event planning
    • Client care/customer service
    • Social community maintenance & management
    • General marketing support: internet marketing, email marketing/drip campaign management, product launch
    • Content creation and publishing, blogging, copywriting, web copy, ezines, newsletters
    • Graphic design
    • Website design and maintenance
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That’s just scratching the surface.  Learn how a VEA can help you today!

impact Virtual Services exclusively hires its Virtual Executive Administrators from within the U.S.  Its global headquarters are located in Madison, Wisconsin. CONTACT us to get started, and hire your new VEA!