PaintNite, coming to a town near YOU

Join us for an exciting PaintNite fundraiser to benefit Mobility Training & Independent Living Program, Inc. 

MTILP is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of adults with disabilities.  Help us continue to do our great work by purchasing a ticket to PaintNite!   Thank you for your support!

Location: 2502 Whalen Ln., Madison, WI, 53713
Time: Arrive 6:00-6:30 Painting 6:30-8:30pm

Tickets are $45, and include all materials. Register here.


This is what we'll be painting! "Midnight Reflection"

This is what we'll be painting! "Midnight Reflection"

Experiencing "The Experience"

Jodi and I recently had the opportunity to join the nation's leading experts in Cleaning and Restoration at their annual convention in Las Vegas, NV. We've met some of the folks in this group before, at their expo in Clearwater last spring, but this was a slightly longer show and gave us more time to get to know this industry a little better.

Interestingly enough, the timing was not on our side. This was right on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, and a mere two days from Hurricane Irma landfall. Given that the attendees were all in the CLEANING and RESTORATION (water damage, whoa) fields, many had left or were leaving early, to attend to those needs in Texas and Florida.

It was a unique perspective on two of the largest weather events in the continental U.S. We're back now, but Jodi leaves this weekend to help with animal rescue efforts post-Irma. She's not supposed to come back with any animals but WHO KNOWS...


AMC's Engaged!

We are always in pursuit of the tools and knowledge needed to best serve our clients. Right now, that takes place in the form of impact's CEO, Jodi Fisher, attending the AMC's Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, for, " a day-long deep-dive into current trends and topics impacting associations managed globally by AMCI members."

We look forward to learning more about what the conference had to share. What are some of your "must-attend" shows in your industry?


Jenny Faucher and Claire Leahy both of Managing Matters, Inc (Jodi Fisher, center)

Jenny Faucher and Claire Leahy both of Managing Matters, Inc (Jodi Fisher, center)

Visit Milwaukee represents!

Visit Milwaukee represents!

Welcome, ZenToes!

We're excited to announce our newest client, Madison-WI-based, ZenToes!

July 27, 2017, Madison, Wisconsin –impact Virtual Services is pleased and proud to announce the signing of ZenToes as their newest client. As the leading virtual services provider supporting small- to medium-size businesses and associations, it’s another perfect fit for the impact team.

“We’re thrilled with the response to the ZenToes line. Everything we do, from product design to local, high-quality packaging, is done with happy, comfortable, active people in mind,” shares Sarah Shook, Owner, ZenToes. “After working successfully with their sister company, Calls On Call, we know the impact business model and work culture will help us continue our important work keeping people happily on their feet!”

For the full announcement, click here.

BOLD Business Boot Camp!

That makes this boot camp over a $40,000 value!  That value is not including the actual education, networking and prizes!  Do you know what the the most beneficial part of this boot camp is?  It could be getting yourself committed to actually getting that dream business of yours started.  When would be a good time?  How does now sound to you? You can’t afford not to do this.

That makes this boot camp over a $40,000 value!  That value is not including the actual education, networking and prizes!  Do you know what the the most beneficial part of this boot camp is?  It could be getting yourself committed to actually getting that dream business of yours started.  When would be a good time?  How does now sound to you?

You can’t afford not to do this.


Sometimes we run across  an honest-to-goodness gem of an opportunity, and can't share it fast enough. That's the case here, with the launch of a fellow entrepreneur's BOLD Business Boot Camp. 

Here's the thing - only 20% of new business survive their first year. And then only half of those exist after five years, with only 1/3 making it past their 10th anniversary. Bottom line? Businesses need to lace up, and hit the ground running. Sessions like these are what that looks like:

Do you know someone starting a business?  Do you think they realize what all is involved with that?  You have the logo, website, slogan, business cards, social media pages, marketing, sales, accounting, head shots, videos, content creation, social media pages and whew!  
What if a boot camp were put together to get all of that done?
As a subscriber to this newsletter you are being invited to send your fellow entrepreneurs to the BOLD Business Boot Camp.
It runs for six weeks on Tuesday mornings starting September 12th from 8am-Noon.
Learn more and register at and use the code IMPACT25 to save 25%.  
Prices go up in August and seating is severely limited.



Please note: Students that sign up for the entire boot camp or higher using your code will get you a $500 referral bonus! 
As a side note, the BOLD Business Boot Camp is social.  Please like our Facebook page.
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need some help spreading the word.  Your help with this is greatly appreciated.  Up and coming entrepreneurs as well as existing business owners that never got this stuff done will thank you endlessly.
Good times!

Draw In Customers Business Coaching

The Psychology of Business
Fast & Fun Business Coaching
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All-American Pet Photo Day

This is basically our Christmas - we love us some pets here at impact!

Now, show us yours (in the comments)!

National Selfie Day

We're not sure who's job it is to come up with "National Day Of" days but whomever came up with this one should really step forward. Not only do we get to celebrate ourselves (we should really do that every day, actually) but we get to celebrate our friends, teams, squads, crew - basically all the great people that make each day just that much better. Cheers, #Teamimpact!

Jodi Fisher

Enterprising Nonprofits in Madison

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Enterprising Nonprofits conference held for the first time in Madison, WI. After a day of networking and break-out sessions, I have to say I hope it’s not the last time they hold this event here. The speakers were great, but the real stand-out were the attendees. It was a veritable Who’s Who of the Madison-area nonprofits, ranging from services to consulting to counseling.

One of the break-out sessions featured a panel that shared the “HIRE” story. It was basically the culmination of businesses and nonprofits partnering to help ease one particular problem: the employability of those returning to the community after incarceration.

In 1989, area businesses got together and assessed their hiring practices. One such business, Just Bakery, did a self-evaluation and shaped their policies around the needs of this target hiring pool. Some of the changes enacted include:

-        Asking themselves: Does a degree guarantee a skillset? Removing this degree requirement opened doors across all of the jobs posted.

-        Payroll advances up to 12%. This allows employees to take out payroll advances for things such as unexpected car repairs, changes in daycare, and in some cases, this provided the resources for employees to leave violent relationships.

-        Earned time off. This was a new concept for some employees; some didn’t know what it meant, and they had to make sure to explain after one employee didn’t understand that that was time available for them to take vacation. In this case, this employee was 40 years old and had never had paid vacation time.

-        Goal: Get everyone to be making $15/hr.

-        Provide Flex-time (gives employees flexibility to go to school themselves, and/or get kids to school).

-        12 week vocational training.

-        As an example, Cranberry Creek turns to these graduates first when looking to hire. They had one entry-level hire promote through to management, with many more stories like it.

The panel also shared the Caminos program:

This is an accelerated training program that grants a CNA, but also includes soft skills training (how to dress, how to interview, transportation, etc.).

The program is made up of four components: academic, out of class, online, and community engagement. All of the program graduates that they’ve placed into CNA positions earn $15/hr.

One of the keys to the success of this program was taking a look at the barriers to employment. In Wisconsin, a WI Caregiver background check is required, the cost of which is $1-$2 per page. Depending on the length of the report, the cost can be prohibitive for a candidate. So UW Health partnered with other organizations to sponsor those fees. To date, they’ve placed hundreds of candidates, and have plans to expand the program to include other medical certifications.

These are just a couple examples, but show the difference employers can make not just for their employees, but for the business culture they choose to curate. Let impact know if you need a hand with your business or nonprofit culture.

And the winner is…

We had the distinct pleasure of being nominee for the Wisconsin Family Business Award this year. There were three “Grand” awards, for small, medium, and large companies. And, several awards from the judges, recognizing various Wisconsin businesses for their unique contributions to our communities. While we did not receive an award, rest assured being in the room with so many amazing businesses, some on their 6th and 7th generation of being family-run, was rewarding in and of itself. Kudos to WFDA on a remarkable evening, and to the winners – congratulations! See you all next year!

(And yes, that’s Tom Farley speaking! He’s a wonderful communicator with a powerful message, speaking out against substance abuse. If you get the chance to hear him speak, go for it!)

Welcome Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation!

We are pleased and proud to announce the signing of Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation (SiBF) as our newest client. As the leading virtual services provider supporting small to medium size associations, it’s a perfect fit all around.

From the press release announcement:

“We had heard about impact through an Association Management Company affiliate, so we knew the value they bring to the table, and that our time is better spent outsourcing our administrative and marketing departments. This is a great fit for us, as it frees us up to focus on our members, and the value we provide there,” shares Bill Theilacker, President, Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation.

“We’re excited to support the Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation’s important work in exploring creative solutions to technical challenges. By providing a dedicated Virtual Executive Assistant and support team, SiBF can focus on fostering education and cooperation among their industrial, academic, clinical and regulatory communities,” adds Jodi Fisher, CEO, impact Virtual Services.

Welcome, SiBF!

TECH TUESDAY: How to Not Be CRAZY (Hint: Social-Media)!

impact Virtual Services offers social media services!  As part of our "Tech Tuesday" series, we are committed to sharing the latest industry trends with you as well as outlining how impact Virtual Services can help YOU!

Why Invest In Social Media?  The Short answer:  You'd be CRAZY not to!

ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT MONDAY: What Virtual Assistants Do For Associations!

ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT MONDAY:  What Virtual Assistants Do For Associations!

Every Monday, we share with you information about managing non-profit associations.  In this week's "Association Management Monday," impact Virtual Services  explains what a virtual assistant (VA) or Virtual Executive Administrator can do for your non-profit association!

The truth is ALOT!  Oh-Daddy-Oh, here's the short list...

FUN FACTS FRIDAY: August 26th! Why is it Special?

The workplace can be stressful.  impact Virtual Services chooses to mix in some fun for a nice balance in our weekly "Fun Facts Friday" social media and BLOG blasts!


"THINK FAST!"  It's what people would say in the 50s when someone was about to throw something your way.

Every Thursday, we throw your way a series of helpful information in our weekly social media posts and BLOG, "Think Fast Thursday."  Ready for this?

WAY OUT WEDNESDAY: Pimp Your Biz on Periscope!

In the 50s, the popular phrase, "Way Out" meant "innovative."  impact Virtual Services loves that era, the phrase and its meaning.  That is why every Wednesday, we devote our social media communication to innovative ideas through the "Way Out Wednesday" BLOG Series.

TECH TUESDAY: Nice Package!

TECH TUESDAY:  Nice Package!

Nice Package!  That's what so many of our clients say!  Oh, simmer down now honey.  We're talking about Social Media packages.  Sheesh!

Every Tuesday, we devote our social media and BLOG communication to technology!  It's our new series called, "Tech Tuesday."  This week, we take a look at some of the social media packages we offer clients here at  impact Virtual Services.  We have  an entire division devoted to SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES.