SIX Ways To Elevate Your Next Event

SIX Ways To Elevate Your Next Event

By doing what everyone else does or doing what your Organization has always done, your event won't be memorable to your attendees. Switch it up and make things interesting with these six ideas!



In a professional world where people have unlimited options as to where to spend their time and money, why would they choose to invest in your organization? We’ve worked with Associations at every stage and when we look at those that have overcome the challenges and increased memberships they have these 3 things in common.

Welcome, OSHP!

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Their dedication to education, advocacy and professional guidance is truly inspiring. We look forward to supporting OSHP so that they may continue their important work.


April 24, 2018, Madison, Wisconsin –impact Services (impact) is pleased and proud to announce the signing of the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists (OSHP). 
“In the search process, we were looking for an innovative, organized, and effective company to provider our management services. impact's proposal for services and Q&A session were both excellent and our interactions with the staff were positive and energizing. Additionally, the focus on transparency and innovation were two qualities that definitely stood out. We are excited for this new partnership and look forward to seeing what synergies come from working with this dynamic company!” shares Jaclyn Boyle, OSHP President.
“We’re excited to support OSHP’s goals to enhance education, advocacy, professional guidance, recognition, and communications within their membership, and to the public,” adds Jodi Fisher, CEO, impact Services.

About impact Services

impact Services was founded in 2006 by Jodi Fisher, and successfully supports many Associations and businesses throughout the world. Operating primarily as an Association Management firm, impact's team offers extensive experience as Association Executive Administrators, with supporting divisions in Virtual Assistance, Marketing/PR, Website Development, and Event Planning.

Marivic Valencia
VP, Marketing and Communications
impact Services

About Ohio Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists

OSHP is the organization in Ohio representing pharmacists, students, technicians, and associates with an interest in health-system pharmacy practice.

Jaclyn Boyle
Board President, Ohio Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists


Taking Chances

There are a lot of ways we can choose to take chances in life. Start that training, try a new diet, submit that resume, audition for that part. Each decision invites a fork in the road, depending on how the risk goes - yay or nay. 

It's harder to take chances with our businesses. We're geared towards work being solid, predictable, especially when there are staff or employees relying on that business. But that doesn't mean never taking chances, going out on a limb. Sometimes we need a small step, a nudge forward, to try new things, and experiment with outcomes.

So, what are you taking a chance on? What does your #NationalTakeAChanceDay look like? (Hopefully more than just a day!)

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.  So throw off the bowline, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.  ~ Mark Twain


PJs, anyone?

Today is something to do with 'wear your pajamas to work' (origin unknown) and while we here at impact like the general sound of that, it's not exactly our jam. The underlying sentiment though, now that, we can get behind.

The idea is that people go to work feeling comfortable and relaxed. And that's exactly what we do every day, not just on designated days. Our team culture is definitely professional, but far from stuffy. (Anyone remember the days of wearing pantyhose and skirts every day?) Yah, we've come a long way.

How about you? What is your workplace attire? Casual? Sporty? Pajamas?


Reaching and Engaging Millennials? You should be!

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, some individuals from impact Virtual Services ventured to the Reaching and Engaging Millennials conference located in the great city of Madison, WI.

This conference was very impactful and important as we continue to learn and grow to benefit our clients and their businesses.

At the start of the conference, we first identified the importance of Millennials to the success of businesses. Who exactly are Millennials?  Millennials - a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century (born between 1981 and 1996). We shortly realized they are a group of people that all of our business need in order to move forward and advance within these progressing times.

In our conversation concerning Millennials, we covered the following:

·       The Millennial mindset

·       What matters to them?

·       The challenges Millennials face

·       What motivates them?

·       The Millennial perspective

Along with those items, we also discussed a few tips and tricks that capture the mindset of Millennials, such as social media interactions, polls, surveys, trending items, social media challenges, hashtags, etc. All these areas were deemed to actually keep their interest.

Learning what’s needed in order to keep a Millennial engaged was very helpful as well. They want to feel included in decision making, have open communication, have a freedom to create, accessible leadership, and feel needed as well as rewarded.

In short, we must all realize that the world is changing and becoming engrossed in technology. Within our businesses technology has become more and more necessary. Technology and new, innovative ways of thinking are things that most Millennials understand and grew up with, so they are very familiar and comfortable within those realms. With that being said, taking the time to research and discover specific ways to reach and engage Millennials would be beneficial to your business.


Today is International Epilepsy Awareness Day. It's also "Purple Day" - both aimed at raising awareness about the condition that affects approximately 1 in 100 Americans. There is much to learn and know about Epilepsy, but as usual, we like to take a look behind the scenes.

For Purple Day, it all started in 2008, with a young woman named Cassidy Megan, who founded the international grassroots efforts after her own struggles with Epilepsy. From there, the Epilepsy Association of Novia Scotia and the Anita Kaufman Foundation joined to help grow Purple Day around the globe. 

The folks over at International Epilepsy Awareness day have created an entire visual campaign, with multi-media assets, to tell the story of Epilepsy. They have a cute mascot, complete with a full cast of friends and family. 

These are "behind the scenes" examples of marketing-as-storytelling. One is a real-life figure, the others are figures bringing stories to life. Both are relatable, accessible, and infinitely shareable.

We hope you'll take a moment to explore, and learn!


Hold up, before you zoom off for the week-end, you simply MUST pause to celebrate National Puppy Day. For us at impact, that means we get to show off our marvelous pups.  They're our zany side-kicks and we couldn't imagine life without them. Got pups? Let's see 'em!


Do you remember social media before the "#" sign? The pound sign, the hashtag, the bit of punctuation that enabled the widest mass searches with the absolute least technical or search background?

If you do, it was prior to 2007, when Chris Messina stumbled onto the practice, suggesting people use it to "categorize" content and make it easy for people to find that for which they were looking. It took, and the organic growth has literally changed the way we broadcast, sort, and search for content. Not just on Twitter, but across virtually all relevant social media platforms, as well as traditional broadcasting.

From a marketing perspective, it's a really interesting story. And one that leads to really fun things like following today's hashtag, #letslaughday.  Go, click, have fun!


"Be Prepared"

Today is National Girl Scouts Day. (It's also "Napping Day" which is perfect post-Daylight Saving Time but that's another post..)

The Girl Scout's motto is: Be Prepared. As an organization that has grown from 18 members in 1912 to over 3.7 million members in 2005, they've clearly followed that motto very well. They have managed to branch out to cover multiple areas in which girls can thrive (STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship) while holding to their core values in preparing girls for leadership. It's an inspiring story, and a solid motto.

How about you? What are your growth goals? Are you prepared?


impact, From Within

We are proud members of AMC Institute, Association Management Companies Institute. They recently produced an outstanding video series titled, A Day In The Life. The videos are designed to give an insider look at the work of AMCs, and to dispell the myth that we work as 'outside' partners somehow. Instead, the work of AMCs is very much internal to the Associations; we are a functioning 'right arm' of marketing, IT, accounting, membership, and more. So much more - have a look!

Fairy Tales and Storytelling

Whenever people ask what I do (this is Marivic, btw) and I tell them I'm in Marketing, half the time their eyes glaze over right quick. It's not that people don't like Marketing, it's more that people oftentimes don't understand Marketing. However, when I explain the bit about storytelling, they come back to life. Because at its heart, what we do is tell stories. Stories of what we do, the people behind the scenes, the inspiration and motivation, all of it. 

Somewhere along the line, someone in Marketing thought up "Tell A Fairy Tale" Day, which is today. It is a day set aside to celebrate, tell, read and listen to fairy tales from around the world. According to, here are a few ideas on how to celebrate:

  • Set your imagination free on this very fantastical holiday and re-read all your favorite fairy tales.
  • If you have children in your lives, why not introduce them to some of the world's most famous fairy tales?
  • Bring out your inner writer and pen down a fairy tale. Who knows, you could be the next Hans Christian Andersen!
  • Watch movies based on fairy tales.
  • Host a fairy tale party. Instruct your guests to come as their favorite fairy tale character, decorate the venue as if you were in an enchanted land of fairy tales and serve foods from all your favorite fairy tale stories. Some ideas include caramel apples (Snow White), pea salad (The Princess and the Pea), pumpkin soup (Cinderella) and porridge or rice pudding (Goldilocks and the Three Bears).

Do you have any other ideas? We'd love to hear them!

once upon a time.jpg

Happy Birthday, George!

President's Day is a federal holiday to commemorate the birthday of George Washington, our first U.S. President. Not all states observe it, and yet others observe it in December. And while it is a federal holiday, not all federal services, such as public transportation, shut down. Some schools close, some don't. 

So, it can be confusing, to say the least. And, whenever we encounter such confusion, we like to ask ourselves, "Does this apply to us?" Meaning, is there anything confusing or inconsistent in what we do? Are people having the same, consistent, hopefully positive, experience with our brand and message?

It's a good question. One to ponder as we pause to commemorate our first President. Happy President's Day!


presidents day.jpg

Healthy Computers: How To

At almost-mid-February, things can be, well, slow. We're past the holidays and spring hasn't quite sprung yet, so what's there to do? about some computer care? Thrilling, right?

But, it's an important bit of maintenance that yields rewards in the form of running faster, avoiding viruses, and generally extending the life of your precious 'puter.

Here are some PC instructions, and here are the Mac steps.

Enjoy! this, and THEN go enjoy something :)



What Does Nutella Mean To You?

National Nutella Day

As marketers, we have to marvel at the incredible journey of the Nutella brand. What started out as “…a smart solution to a tricky problem, the shortage of cocoa supplies following World War II,” has grown to become universally-known and loved. They are a case study in timing, audience research, ad placement, and more. And, even with the huge setback of a class action lawsuit, the brand continues to thrive.

Are you the ‘Nutella’ of your industry? How have you distinguished your brand from your competitors? What is your strategy for brand recognition?

You might not know the answers right now. But hopefully you’re asking yourself these questions. And enjoying some Nutella along the way!